Connections 4 Real, Inc 

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Who we are?

Connections 4 Real, Inc. is an organization design to target our youth, families, and communities. We are a new agency dedicated to helping young people and their families learn to deal with today's pressures. We are a company that is moving towards a collaboration of   human service professionals and volunteers working together; to support young people and the diverse problems that’s confronting them. 

Our Mission: C4R, INC. mission is to reach our youth through positive and productive events and programs that build lasting relationships that will strengthen our youth. 

An Idea was born

Connections 4 Real, Inc was founded in 2010 as a result of young men having a lack of positive mentorship in Vance County for at risk and trouble teens. C4R, Inc. introduced and enrolled over 12 young men in Vance County between the ages of 13-16 into the male mentoring program “Young Men of Standards”. This program was to provide group mentorship, activities, and to serve as a positive outlet. Our goal is to provide a continuum of prevention, intervention and services for youth and their families who are at risk, in crisis or who have emotional or behavioral problems.

As C4R, Inc  work to help youth build their skills and resiliency, we have defined fundamental principles that guide its work. At the Core of all our programs are eight driving principles.

 No fail                                                                                                    Diversity

Everyone can be successful. WE KEEP TRYING                                           We provide services that meet the cultural needs of our

                                                                                                                community. We value our diversity and our youth, staff and

                                                                                                                volunteers reflect our community.

 Least Restrictive Environment                                                                Advocacy

We help people solve problems at the smallest level possible.                  We provide support to our youth and families by assist them

We believe that public institutions are the last resort.                               in expanding their horizons and inspire them to reach their

                                                                                                                their goals.

Strength Based                                                                                         Youth Development and Leadership   

We look for the positive in each person and build on those assets.           WE SUPPORT YOUTH! We help build leadership skills by

                                                                                                                 involving youth in programs and planning for their future.

Collaboration                                                                                           Family

We work with others with in and out side of our communities                   We realize that family come in different ways. We are just a

to assist youth and families in reaching their full potential. We                 a part of the village that it takes to raise the child. We assist

focus on the needs of the individual including health, housing                 families in staying together and building reconnections that

and well being.                                                                                         promote positive change.